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Border Wall Temporarily Blocked

A federal judge on Friday temporarily blocked the Trump administration's plan to spend billions to construct a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border with Defense Department funds. U.S. District Court Judge Haywood Gilliam’s ruling applies to wall construction in specific areas in El Paso, Texas and Yuma, Arizona. Trump declared a national emergency in February to redirect funding from the Department of Defense to begin construction of his long-promised border wall. “In short, the position that when Congress declines the Executive’s request to appropriate funds, the Executive nonetheless may simply find a way to spend those funds “without Congress” does not square with fundamental separation of powers principles dating back to the earliest days of our Republic,” wrote Gilliam, who was appointed to the bench by former President Barack Obama

1500 Troops To Middle East

President Trump on Friday announced that the U.S. will send roughly 1,500 troops to the Middle East in order to counter Iran's influence in the region.

Trump emphasized that the new deployment will provide force protection for existing troops in the area amid heightened tensions with Tehran.

Pelosi Press Conference



A top Capitol Hill ally of President Donald Trump warned him on Friday not to let his simmering feud with Democrats stop him from striking a deal with lawmakers to tackle the nation's infrastructure needs. Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) appeared Friday on Fox News’ “Fox & Friends" — the pro-Trump cable news show that the president is known to prefer — and implored the president to reconsider his stated refusal to work with Democrats on anything until they drop investigations into his 2016 campaign, conduct and finances. Graham, once an outspoken critic of the president who has become one of his biggest cheerleaders in Congress, warned Trump not to play into Democrats' hands.

Hurricane Disadter Relief Fund Held Up in Congress

WASHINGTON — A bipartisan group of Texas members of Congress will have to wait until early next month to see passage on a long-sought measure that will release more than $4 billion dollars in aid to parts of Texas that bear the brunt of hurricanes. Legislation that swiftly passed the U.S. Senate on Thursday afternoon came to an abrupt halt on the U.S. House side at the hand of a Texan — U.S. Rep. Chip Roy, an Austin Republican. The bill allocated over $19 billion in disaster funding for nine states and two territories. But most Texans in Congress were focused on the bill's provision that created a 90-day deadline for the Office of Management and Budget to release billions in grant funds to Texas that Congress approved more than a year ago after Hurricane Harvey. The disaster funding bill had languished in both chambers. But then, on Thursday, congressional leaders and President Donald Trump were able to break the logjam, and the bill swiftly passed the Senate, 85-8. The chamber&#…

Planned Parenthood and ACLU Sue Alabama

Planned Parenthood and the American Civil Liberties Union announced Friday that they have filed a federal lawsuit over Alabama's near-total abortion ban, which makes nearly all instances of performing an abortion a felony. “The Alabama legislature has been pushing abortion care further and further out of reach for years with medically unnecessary and politically-motivated restrictions, and this extreme abortion ban shows us just how far they’ll go to push their anti-abortion agenda,” said Alexa Kolbi-Molinas, an ACLU Reproductive Freedom Project attorney, in a press release.