Trump Tweets Pelosi, Drunk?

Speaker Nancy Pelosi's (D-Calif.) daughter on Thursday described as "despicable" fake videos depicting her mother slurring words and acting intoxicated.
"Republicans and their conservative allies have been pumping this despicable fake meme for years!" Christine Pelosi wrote in a tweet. "Now they are caught. #FactCheck: Madam Speaker doesn't even drink alcohol!"
In a second message, the Speaker's daughter shared a hateful message received from a supporter of President Trump who accused the speaker of hating America while questioning her alcohol use.
"This is the cr*p I'm talking about - reported to @Facebook - which like @Twitter will not suspend the account that clearly violated Terms Of Service. Obviously this doesn't stop ME but others are affected by the 'voter depression' strategy that Trump allies are perpetuating," Pelosi wrote, attaching a screenshot of the message.
The fake videos began showing up this week and have provoked fears about more such videos that could be created attacking various political figures in the future. 
The videos showed up amid a feud between Nancy Pelosi and Trump. The Speaker faced pressure this week to move forward on impeaching the president. 
Pelosi on Wednesday accused Trump of being involved in a cover-up. Trump responded by walking out of a White House meeting with Pelosi and Senate Democratic Leader Charles Schumer (N.Y.) on infrastructure.

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